Call for Participation

Autumn Residency in Mathematics, Computation, & Biology
September 2015 – December 2015
San Francisco


The Topos Residency is a four-month nonprofit boarding program designed to forge lasting social connections across research fields that deserve to be brought closer together. In particular, it aims to cultivate deep understanding and friendship between researchers in different fields by housing them together in an environment carefully optimized for supportive social dynamics, efficient group learning, and spirited intellectual creativity.

Specific objectives are:


A small group of researchers representing different fields, whose interests relate to a common theme, will be invited to live for four months in a house in San Francisco. Thematic events — workshops, invited talks, dinners, etc. — will be held regularly, totaling about 10 hours per week, mostly during evenings and weekends. Among the first of these will be a series of expository lectures by the participants themselves on a topic of their expertise.


The theme of this trimester is:

Mathematics and computation applied to and inspired by biology.

We invite anyone to apply who is interested in problems relating to the following:


The exact cost of attendance will depend on the supply of and demand for the various room types, but will comprise four months’ rent at approximately the following monthly rates:

(If cost is a serious issue, let us know and we will do our best to accomodate.)


The program start and end dates are September 12 and December 20, however participants are more than welcome to stay at the house from September 1 to December 31. (This is to provide flexibility for holiday travel.)


If interested, please contact the organizers.


Is this full-time?
Optionally. We are more than happy to include participants with other daytime engagements. Events will be held mostly during evenings and weekends for this reason.
What are the expectations?
There is no obligation to work on any specific project or commit any specific amount of time; we only ask that if you attend, you do your part to help us achieve the objectives listed above as best you can. Ways to do this include: notifying in advance of missing an event, being mindful of calm and cleanliness, dealing with any interpersonal issues promptly and respectfully, having a positive attitude in general, and, perhaps most importantly, giving us your honest critical feedback so that we can improve over time.


Please feel free to email the organizers with any questions, comments, or concerns. Critical feedback regarding the program is especially welcome.

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Nate Sauder — ...@...
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